Internal Comms
Meets free spirit

Inspired Internal communication creates harmony between your employees, your culture, and your evolving business needs.
We created a comprehensive brand for Urban Guild, including a number of guides to onboard Urban’s free spirited and youthful staff.

When the brand positioning was already on point, they wanted a suite of awesome communications materials to match that energy. These materials needed to connect with their fun-loving, youthful staff while serving as an engaging educational tool.

We encourage this thinking – It’s important to not think safe, to not think incrementally.
Think Big.

The Urban Guild

Breaking free from the conventional and uninspiring world of corporate manuals and training books, Urban Guild took a bold leap in a new direction. Together we crafted pocket-sized guides inspired by the beloved Field Notes notebooks.

Each guide focused on a specific aspect of their business, ranging from food and coffee to wine, cocktails, and philosophy. These mini companions were designed for easy portability, ensuring quick access to essential information on the go. Embracing simplicity, we utilised engaging infographics to clearly communicate core messages and inspire a fresh way of thinking.


At Studio Global, we believe in the power of internal communication to align employees with company culture and meet ever-evolving business needs.

The effectiveness of such internal communication strategies isn’t just theoretical. Data underscores its significance. For instance, Gallup’s Q12 employee engagement survey, which analysed 1.8 million employees, indicates a marked 21% rise in productivity and profitability for organisations with adept internal communication strategies.