The Journey with Streetwise

Charting new territories in HR

Straight Talking.

Clear brand

Streetwise HR is a boutique HR consultancy that was founded with a mission to help businesses succeed. The company wanted to create a brand that would appeal to entrepreneurs and would reflect its forward-thinking, commercially minded, and straight-talking approach.

Straight-talking, innovative, and forward-thinking; these aren’t just words but the very ethos that defines Streetwise HR. The past decade stands testament to a brand that not only promised to revolutionise HR but has consistently delivered on that promise. Their brand imagery is a reflection of this ethos: clear, bright, and imbued with a roadmap visual language. The vibrant colour palette further emphasises their vivacious approach to HR.

Working closely

With the community

“We were really looking for a brand that would reflect our values and our mission to help businesses succeed,” said Debbie, CEO of Streetwise HR. “Studio Global helped us to achieve that goal with their clear, bright, and visually engaging brand. The brand has been a huge success for us, and we’re really proud of it.”

As storytellers, we believe in the power of narrative to shape perceptions and forge emotional connections. For Streetwise HR, we didn’t just create a brand; we sculpted a narrative. A narrative of innovation, transparency, and forward-thinking. The brand isn’t just a visual treat; it’s a story of a decade-long journey of transformation and determination.



As they celebrate ten years, Streetwise HR stands tall, not just as an HR firm but as a testament to what beautiful branding, underpinned by authentic storytelling, can achieve. Their journey from a startup to an industry leader is not just commendable but inspiring. As they venture into the next decade, we remain excited to continue narrating their evolving story, as they persist in redefining the HR landscape.

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