We are critical of the briefs we take. This enables us to embrace two local organisations each year, match funding their budget, pouring our heart and talent into the project and in doing so raising awareness and understanding for some extremely important causes.

Dorset Rape Crisis approached us to help with a rebrand. Their brand was causing a lack of engagement, potentially triggering stress and secrecy. Together we created a brand that broke down the barriers between this amazing service and the people that need their help.

900% Increase
In Support

“When we had the old branding, I would discreetly carry our information in a brown envelope to meetings. Displaying the old literature was out of the question; it made the meetings feel secretive, hindering our efforts to encourage people to reach out for help.”
Sarah Vile, STARS Independent Sexual Violence Advisor

The impact was immense. A 900% increase in self referrals on their website. In festivals there was a massive difference in the way they were approached, and how the barrier to connecting was removed. If you are going to spend 5 minutes on any story today – watch this – studioglobal.co.uk/stars, and see how branding can truly make a difference in empowering those in need.

Global helps a number of charities to engage their clientele and staff
– to ensure their message is heard, and received, in today’s world.

If you’re aware of any charity seeking our support, feel free to contact us at hello@studioglobal.co.uk.