The Lucky

Eight Wealth Management, a prestigious partner practice of SJP presented a clear yet complex issue.

Their previous logo failed to convey the integral ‘8’ in their name, leading most to perceive them merely as ‘Wealth Management’. Understanding the nuances of their identity, Global embarked on a journey to craft a brand that reflected both the heritage and the forward momentum of Eight Wealth Management.

Our approach was holistic. We retained the essence of the ‘8’ but reworked it to be both distinct and versatile. By designing a bespoke word mark that resonated with the company’s ethos, we ensured the ‘8’ could stand alone or seamlessly integrate with the brand name. The selected typeface was a fusion of the contemporary and the classic, reflecting Eight Wealth’s deep-rooted expertise yet capturing their ambition to evolve.

A heritage
In the finance sector

Our chosen colour palette, dominated by mature blue tones, projected sophistication while aligning with Eight Wealth’s accessible professionalism. Complementing this, candid photography of the team and their modern office spaces amplified the brand personality across diverse mediums, from print brochures to their revamped website.

Global is no stranger to the financial sector, having collaborated with industry stalwarts like Williams de Broë, Investec, & St. James’s Place. Our work with Eight Wealth Management showcases how we can elevate an ascending SJP partner to stand out distinctly.


The Asian Pivot
Eight in Ascent

With ambitions of expanding into Shanghai and Singapore, Eight Wealth International sought a brand refresh in line with their global aspirations. Their image needed to echo their impeccable professionalism, all while crafting a universally appealing identity suited to diverse clientele.

In collaboration with SJP, Eight Wealth International’s venture into Asia has set industry benchmarks, charting unparalleled growth trajectories.

Our clientele seeks timeless design delivered flawlessly. Eight Wealth Management embodies this aspiration. We’ve sculpted a brand that not only resonates but exhilarates; leveraging a design language that pays homage to its legacy while being tailored for tomorrow. This is a testament to our ability to craft brands that leave a lasting impact, mirroring both their past and their vision for the future.