A Celebration
of Business

The Dorset Business Awards wanted to take a step up in branded show. Together we put on an amazing celebration of the South Coast talent – with our technical team pulling off 120 videos, and our designers wrapping the event in amazing branded content. The result literally got a standing ovation, and blew everyone away.

If you need it done well, call us.


We embraced the traditional world of the chamber and infused it with relevance and currency fit for the engagement era. The Dorset Business Awards (DBA) become a celebration of the entire Dorset Business Community, highlighting success stories and the invaluable contributions of everyone involved. To support award entrants, we crafted various video and motion screen content that authentically conveyed their stories.

Our support extended to sponsors, maximising their exposure through engaging content. From fly-on-the-wall documentaries featuring contributors and suppliers to a social media campaign leading up to the event, we captured the raw realities of what happens behind the scenes to bring the awards to life. The result is a compelling video that showcases the passion and dedication invested in creating this remarkable event.

A Great place
To Live and Work

We love our community and want to elevate the businesses and charities whenever we can.
We believe in the rising tide that lifts all boats.
Beyond recognising success, the awards also pay tribute to the
vibrant community that drives the local economy forward, highlighting the strong spirit of collaboration and support that defines Dorset.