A Fresh Brand
For a local BID

At Studio Global, there are few things that excite us more than the opportunity to collaborate on a rebranding project that brings new energy and trust to a company and its brand. Working on the rebranding of Bournemouth Coastal Bid was a true labour of love for our team. Witnessing the transformation of their brand and the revitalisation it brought to the company was incredibly rewarding.

Working closely
With the community

The trust placed in us to deliver a fresh and engaging identity for Bournemouth Coastal Bid inspired us to pour our passion and creativity into every aspect of the project. We had full confidence that the reimagined brand will resonate strongly with the communities and areas covered by Bournemouth Coastal Bid, driving them towards a happy and vibrant future

A Digital

The launch of the new Coastal Bid website has made a tremendous impact on the communities they serve. With its user-friendly interface, engaging content, and visually appealing design, the website has become a valuable resource for residents, businesses, and visitors alike. It has not only provided easy access to essential information and services but also fostered a sense of unity and connection within the communities.

The reimagined brand has played a significant role in sparking a positive change in the way people feel about Coastal Bid. The vibrant and modern identity has breathed new life into the organisation, instilling a sense of pride and confidence in its mission. As a result, the communities now perceive Coastal Bid as a dynamic and proactive force, working tirelessly to enhance and enrich their lives.