We make people look great, making sure they are firing on all cylinders. The secret is to make you at ease and draw out your authentic selves – to tell your story in a way that connects with your audience on a personal and emotional level.


Studio Global’s Bournemouth video production team has a wealth of experience in filming interview shoots and has a range of tricks up their sleeve to keep those being filmed calm and collected so that footage is clear, concise and full of the passion you want to demonstrate.

A compelling story helps to convey complex ideas in a clear and visually fascinating manner, while a beautiful aesthetic captures your audience’s attention and creates a lasting impression.


Video production doesn’t just have to be live footage. Animation is a dynamic technique that often adds a splash of colour and movement across the screen that grabs and retains attention.


Whether you are animating words across the screen, products or abstract shapes within your video, we can seamlessly blend them into a live video or produce an entire video with them.


Using a selection of industry-leading animation tools and software, animation is used to push the story forward throughout the video.

A well-crafted story weaves the unique benefits of your product with compelling visuals to the last frame. This is the energising power of stories, aesthetics, and emotional connections.


With the aim of generating an emotional reaction, our video productions will enhance the benefits of your products throughout the video, all the while putting your products centre stage. Blending visuals of the benefits with visuals of the product itself will create a relationship between the two that the audience won’t be able to resist.

Captivating content for events. Stunning visuals with powerful storytelling leave a lasting impression on any audience.


Every event has a story within it, and video production is an engaging way to draw out the narrative of the event. Don’t be fooled though, extensive planning will make this video a success; we will work with you right up until the moment the event kicks off to ensure we have everything covered and set up to capture the essence and success of the event.


Our passion is storytelling. We believe this is what will get you to stand out against your competitors, which is why, no matter what your video is, we will work with you to dig deep into the story and use it to spin all our creative ideas.


Give us a call to learn more about the various storytelling techniques and how our Bournemouth video production team can use them to help you share your story.

Video Production FAQs

Sometimes it can be difficult to wrap your head around what story you will tell in your video. This is why it is often helpful to reach out to a video production company like us, as we have a list of techniques to bring to the table that will tease your story and message out.


Before that moment though, we are often asked the following questions.

Why is storytelling so important in video production?

If your stories are all about your products and services, that’s not storytelling. It’s a catalogue. Give yourself permission to make the story bigger.

How can companies use visuals to help tell their story?

Appealing visuals and infographics make complex concepts more accessible and memorable. In doing so, you can attract new clients and foster relationships built on trust and mutual understanding.


Our Bournemouth video production team are experts in using innovative visuals to explain and simplify complex concepts within your narrative.

How complex should I be?

Smart companies are steering the conversation by keeping the message clear and on point. Figuring out how deep you should go will depend on your message, your audience and what point of the customer journey you will be implementing the video.


This will be discussed and decided throughout our chats, brainstorming sessions and meetings.

How much does a business trailer cost?

Our prices start at around 5K for a well-told story. We believe in redeployment and getting as much out of a shoot as possible, so you won’t just be getting video production for that cost but several pieces of content for various uses.


Call us today on 01202 727070 to find out how storytelling with a beautiful aesthetic, can help you reach your goals.

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