Revamp Your Brand

Why choose a brand refresh over a rebrand

There are many reasons why you should consider a brand refresh rather than a complete rebrand.

When working with a professional brand consultant, they will likely run you through these advantages:

  • Cost-effectiveness – brand refreshes can be slightly simpler because they use the existing brand as a foundation rather than starting from scratch, meaning they can be more cost-effective.
  • Maintain brand recognition – building from your existing brand ensures that current customers continue to recognise you.
  • Don’t lose your sense of self – a refresh can often ensure your core values are still reflected in your branding, showcasing your story and evolution rather than just being a collection of shapes, symbols and colours.
  • Easier for everyone to adapt to – whether inside the company or outside within your customer base, a brand refresh can be easier to adapt to, making it more likely to be taken on board and used.

A fresh identity doesn’t have to come with a complete overhaul of your brand. Instead, it can come as a smaller revamp.

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Benefits of a brand refresh

On top of the practical and value-based reasons you should consider simply refreshing your brand identity, there are numerous benefits.

Enhanced customer perception

A refreshed look can significantly improve customer perceptions and attract new demographics. In completing a refresh, you will be able to modernise your brand identity, keeping in line with market changes and evolutions, as well as business growth.

Additionally, the refresh shows that you are evolving and can suggest an innovative and creative side to your company.

Boosted employee morale

As brand consultants, we have seen significant improvements internally with a brand refresh.

Staff can feel that the new, updated branding reflects their values and input, which can make them proud of the company they work for and the work that they do, in turn motivating them to continue working hard and putting their best foot forward for the company.

Consistency across all touchpoints

Branding refreshes are the perfect opportunity to look at all your marketing materials and align them, making sure they all share the same brand identity and messaging.

It is common for brands to evolve slowly, releasing an amended logo and using that on their website but keeping old printed materials in the cupboard to use at events. This can look sloppy and uncoordinated.

However, a brand refresh with a professional brand consultant and team will ensure that every touchpoint with your customers conveys a consistent identity, creating a great customer experience and recognisable businesses.

Company Evolution

Role of branding consultants

When you have been sitting with the same brand for several years, working out how to touch it up and refresh it can be tricky. This is where a branding consultant can help.

They can play an important role in getting the move right and doing it at the correct time so that you enhance your branding.

This will be done through:

  • Expertise and insight – branding consultants will have experience and expertise which they will be able to draw on to take your branding to the next level. Their years of work bring insightful knowledge on how the market is currently reacting to various branding elements, helping you maximise features within your brand to grab attention and loyalty.
  • Strategic planning – with a complete understanding of how branding and marketing interlock, branding consultants will create a strategy for an effective launch of the branding refresh that will captivate old and new customers. Moving forward, they will be able to help you maintain engagement with your brand through further planning and strategy.
  • Implementation support – rolling out a new brand can be intimidating; there are a lot of aspects that need to be considered. Having done this for a long time, and in many markets, branding professionals will be able to provide support and assistance to ensure a smooth brand transition, so nothing gets missed and the refreshed brand goes out with a boom.
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