Business Attract Top Talent With Film

Why is video effective?

As we watch more and more short-form content, our attention span seems to be reducing. Sitting and reading a long job description does not cut it any more.

Video is faster-paced and far more visual, meaning that it holds our attention for longer.

Additionally, it has been proven that our brains are better at interpreting and understanding visual information, with it being processed 60,000 times faster than text. This means that video will not only captivate your audience, but it will help them to understand the information better too.

Video will help you convey your brand culture and unique selling points in a way that would be engaging and understood by your audience.

So, how can you use film in your recruitment drive?

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Showcase your company culture

When looking for a job, jobseekers are looking for a company that shares their values and views. But these can be incredibly difficult to get through on a wordy job description.

Video footage being so visual will enable you to show your business’s values and views easily. Using a mix of B-roll and interviews, key figures in your company or like-minded job roles can discuss what your company stands for while images of your office and team showcase these values in action.

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Employee testimonials

Jobseekers want to hear about experiences working for you because this allows them to discover more about the work environment, team dynamics, work-life balance and company culture. Employee testimonials show real-life examples of working for you and your company.

Not only will they be engaging, but they will offer more than the written word would, as the audience will be able to read into the body language and expressions used by the employee giving the testimonial, enhancing your proposition.

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Day-in-the-life videos

In the same vein as employee testimonial videos, day-in-the-life videos are a thrilling way to show what working for your company would be like. These videos offer a unique insight into working for you, which is often something that prospective employees are unable to get.

Day-in-the-life videos allow the prospective employee to imagine themselves in the role and working with the rest of your team, helping them work out if it is a good fit for them.

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Virtual tours

Virtual tours will give the job seeker interested in your job an insight into your workspace. Since they give prospective employees a glimpse of the actual workplace, these videos can be a useful tool for hiring new employees. Virtual tours help candidates visualise themselves working in your workspace, giving them a better understanding of how they might fit in with the company and what their day-to-day would look like.

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Job overview videos

Conveying the job that you are looking to fill is hard in written language. But spoken language opens doors to help you explain exactly what you are looking for in an easy-to-understand, dynamic and concise way.

With spoken language being quicker to understand, you can get more detail into a video than you would on a written job description. This means that you can put more information about the job’s purpose, responsibilities, and required skills into the description.

Also, you can use B-roll to showcase some of the aspects that you are talking about, helping the viewer see how the job works and envision themselves in it.

Manager/ employee interviews

Recording an interview video, or a few videos, of managers and employees discussing the job available offers another format for you to share detailed information. These videos give prospective candidates more context and in-depth information about the job, which makes them a useful tool for hiring new employees.

If you film the relevant people, they can also be used as an ice-breaker, showing the person potentially conducting the interview, so that the prospective employee can make some sort of connection with the interviewer before heading into the interview. This can help make them feel at ease when going in.

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