Our Story

Studio Global originated from Darren Mooney’s passion, which took root 25 years ago, after graduating from AUB and then moving to join the creative buzz of California. Working alongside his uncle at his San Francisco based creative agency, Darren absorbed the essence of this experience. Fuelled by that creative energy, he brought it back to Bournemouth, known for its artistry, culture, and top-notch arts and education universities nurturing exceptional creative an business talent.


In the heart of Boscombe a cultural and coastal area of Bournemouth, Studio Global thrives as a creative haven, providing a space where innovation flourishes without the high costs of London. The areas unique charm and rich cultural atmosphere inspire the team.


Led by three directors and drawing on the collective knowledge of the entire team, Studio Global showcases a comprehensive expertise spanning design, print, TV commercials, digital, and internal communications. Each team member’s dedication to excellence in their field contributes to the studio’s powerhouse of skills, propelling Studio Global and its work to new creative heights.

Lead with narrative to create emotion

The reason behind every business is different; this is what sets your business apart from everyone else. We want to dig for that reason and use it as the basis of our work with you. What better way to stand out than with your unique story?

We know that everyone will have an emotional response to your brand. Our storytelling will humanise you and your business and generate a connection between yourself and your audience so that when they see your branding, they experience positive emotions.

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We lead in innovation

Everyone in the team believes in and embraces innovation.

Exploring the overlap between creativity and technology is a fascinating place to be. Through using the latest tools and technology we can produce something truly unique and innovative.

We are nerdy about the details and we will only use the tools that will give us exactly what we are looking for to create the perfect final product.

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Doing the right thing

Doing the right thing for your client goes without saying, especially when working with such a personal part of their business. Throughout our work, we will often question if our ideas, tools and focuses are what is right for the client and their brief. If not, we go back to the drawing board to find a solution that is.

But we go beyond that. We do what is right for our community and for those who are in need further afield too.

You will often find us taking part in charity events or putting on our own events to support charities close to our hearts.

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